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Meke | 02/03/10

Tot dan! X Meke

René (Alkmaar) | 13/03/10

Was weer een fantastisch concert, mooie introductie van de nieuwe nummers op de Under the Cold Street Lights CD. Afgewisseld met andere steengoede ARID songs! Net als in Amsterdam een TOP concert.

Kelvin Zomer | 13/03/10

So finally I have some spare time to type a review of Arid. Last thurday I went to see them live and I really didn't know what to expect. They are an indie/soft rock band and I have never ever seen something like that live. (Sziget, Snow Patrol doesn't count.) I don't recall the set lists anymore. So the openers of the night were Cloud Machine. They reminded me of Blof. Blof is an dutch band, who also sings in dutch. Cloud Machine luckily didn't. I liked their style, though it was too soft for me. It is a mix between rock and country. Sometimes we couldn't understand the lyrics, because we first had to figure out if he was singing english or an other language. They played for about 45 minutes and while they were playing I could chat a lot with my friends. Cloud Machine is the kind of band you want to listen to, when your sitting in a big couch with a glass of alcohol, with a lot of your friends around you. They fitted good as starters. After a quick build up on stage Arid followed. If you love bands like Snow Patrol, Keane, Anouk and all of that. You really should give them a try. Jasper Stevenlinck is also the singer on Guilt Machine so you already know their voice. When they started to play you heard that they were searching for the right notes for about 10 seconds, after that it was flawless. I've never heard a voice like that. It has so much feeling even our Khan could give that and khan is already an outstanding singer. I really was schocked by the amount of people who where there. I had something like okay let's go to the little room and watch the band, but I really didn't know they are that well known. It was almost sold out at the Effenaar, but I heard that they had sold out concerts in Belgium. Jasper was really funny to watch, he jumped around on ballads o.O I really enjoyed the enthusiasme he showed. Actually the whole band showed that. You really could see they love their music. Also the band sounds so much better live then on their albums. On the albums it all is a bit, soft and not good. Though the voice is very good on the albums but the rest is just to soft. But live, damn I was blown away. Also really funny was the fact that I and my friends were the only metal heads there. So when a hard part came we where like standing still and just enjoying it and when it was softer we were dancing. But for the rest of the public it was just the other way around. I was glad to be their, also I know finally have their new album which by fact does sounds so much better! Now I can't wait for their new album. But to end this nonsense. This band is really underrated and should get some more attention. If not from metal heads, but surely from the media. Because well It is just awesome. This is my review. Arid asked me via twitter to post it here on the site. Though I don't know if it is in the right place. (Rc_Mowgli) Kelvin

Hilke Ros | 24/03/10

Waw, impressive review, Kelvin

Kelvin Zomer | 19/04/10

Thank you Hilke.

Angel22Spears | 09/06/11

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lala | 11/08/16

lala | 11/08/16

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