Arid loves France and France loves us!

29 January 24

Everyone's having a good time! The shows are going really well. The audience at the first couple of shows was very responsive and surprised, as were we!

What more can you want, K's Choice are a great bunch to tour with and as a support act we're granted everything we need and more!

Come and check us out if you have some spare time in your busy schedules !

Love Arid



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orx57 | 30/01/11

Very good gig last night at Nancy. A nice surprise and a good discovery for me! Thank you!

Tony | 30/01/11

Hi guys !! It was a real pleasure to see u in Strasbourg & Nancy. I hope to meet u again in France. French people have to meet u cause u really rock !! SEE U !!

Delphine | 30/01/11

Et les fans belges qui vont jusqu'en France juste pour vous vous aiment aussi!!! Vivement le 19 février!

Willy & Mirjam | 01/02/11

At the end of the show in Nancy, we saw "Jesus" at the merchandising!! Tjsouwwww...what a surprise!!! He spoked Flemish and Frensh and drunk water!!! Great guys you are!!! Thank's Jasper, Steven, David, David and Maarten. SEE YOU IN CAEN (surprise again) and SANNOIS!!! Miss you all.

Anne-marie van Hove | 02/02/11

I'm happy for you guys!Good luck! Have a great time! See u.

Nicolas Iacopino | 05/02/11

Great show in Montpellier, keep the work guys :)

Tony | 13/02/11

Once again : such a great time yesterday in Sannois. Hope to see u in Paris in march... ps : coucou Willy & Mirjam,

tintin | 21/02/11

And the french fans from the beginning who go to Belgium too (thanks radio21)! My girl and I were at the AB on saturday (19/02/2011), it rained all day and all night but it was arid still! The track list was perfect, the sound and lights were excellent and Jasper's voice at its top. We were in the balconies, now we know who drinks water and who's not ;-) The bass, the drums and keyboard were outstanding, I tell you! I have been surprised though by the local audience, I was expecting more from the real Flemish fans, from above you could see so many people not moving, with their arms crossed...well anyway we danced and sang for them! Thanks for signings our DVD's, once again I was quite surprised to see the people just waiting for the sigings not even trying to talk with you, after earing Jasper and seeing you all giving so much feelings, how can someone not congratulate you, I wonder. Anyway thank you so much, It's so rare to ear a band in a concert that's sounds even better than in studios, never out of tune and not avoiding any high pitched notes! It must be something like 12 years since I first heard Me and my Melody but still saturday in the sweat and hot air of the AB, I was shivering like it was the first time. There is no one to compare Jasper's voice with but its strengh and capacity makes me think of the early Freddie Mercury's voice, I can only wish you to have the same international recognition because you deserve it since a long time. Long live the Belgium King, long live Arid!

Tony | 05/06/11

ARID in Maubeuge !! Good good good !! So good to see u back in France... I want MORE MORE MORE !!

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