New album officially released: Number 1 in iTunes download charts!

1 March 11

After an amazing weekend with two shows sold out in the Ancienne Belgique, today is the official realease of the new album. And we had a great start. Under The Cold Street Lights is the best selling album in the iTunes top charts!




You can buy the album in the shops and on iTunes.


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Anne-Marie Vandaele | 01/03/10

great !!! sounds like a very good start :-)

Virginie Cuffolo | 01/03/10

Congratz guys !

Sherpa | 03/03/10

Great! Can't wait to hold the actual copy of the album in my hands (I like that better than a download!)!

Nora | 03/03/10

Superbe come back! Félicitations!

laura | 07/05/10

it's not a surprise !!! bonne route..... :)

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